I have the great pleasure of serving as president of the Keep Knoxville Beautiful board of directors, and a couple weekends ago, Julie and I joined 200+ volunteers in Knoxville, Tenn. to plant 60,000+ daffodil bulbs along the I-275 corridor at the entrances and exits for Heiskell, Woodland and Baxter Avenues.

By the Numbers

The hard work of all the volunteers, staff and sponsors really does add up:

  • Awarded $20,000 in grant money from Lowe’s Home Improvement;
  • Recruited 220+ volunteers (including participants of the Tennessee Promise program and UT’s Center for Leadership and Service);
  • Donated 50+ hours of Carex Design Group’s time for planning and planting;
  • Rented 7 augers;
  • Ate 10 pizzas;
  • Scarfed down 60 Bojangles Chicken Sandwiches;
  • Chugged 15 jugs of iced tea;
  • Gave away 180 stainless steel reusable water bottles;
  • Dressed volunteers in 190 Keep Knoxville Beautiful T-Shirts;
  • Rode 1 Love Bus to and from the Beautification Mob headquarters at the Helen Ross McNabb Center; and
  • Planted 60,000+ daffodil bulbs.
See How We Did It!

It’s Carex Design Group’s mission is to create comfortable, sustainable and engaging outdoor spaces for homeowners and business owners alike, and we love nothing more than sharing our love of the outdoors with people in Knoxville and the surrounding communities. So don’t forget to make plans to drive along I-275 in the spring to see the fruits (or flowers!) of this labor of love.

In the meantime, check out these photos and videos of the 2015 Beautification Mob:

volunteers planting bulbs

Keep Knoxville Beautiful Beautification Mob, Sponsored by Lowes

Volunteers planting bulbs

See the results from past Beautification Mobs such as this one and this one, too! You can also see how we did in 2014 by checking out the video below:

Want help designing a bulb-tacular spring display in your own Knoxville landscaping? Fill out our online contact form or call us at 865-765-5550 for a free consultation!

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