Thanks to some fantastic clients in 2014, we have many beautiful landscaping projects to show off from our first year in business in Knoxville, Tenn. Here’s a look back at five of our favorite landscape design projects:


This property in Maryville, Tenn. is in a natural setting, and the owner wanted to blend the landscaping with nature. In the design, we minimized the need for maintenance, incorporated native plants and amplified the nighttime ambience with LED lighting. The design also included extending stone walls and steps to match the house and adding a kitchen herb garden. For the lighting, we used Vista LED path lights, moon lights, accent up lights and in-wall step lighting. For plant material we used some of my personal favorites such as Lenten Rose, Azalea, Autumn Fern, Fothergilla, Beautyberry and Plum Yew.


South Knoxville

For this project, the homeowner requested a space for entertaining and wanted to incorporate a large outdoor dining set and art piece so we accommodated those wishes in the design. The landscape design included a multi-level entertaining and grilling area that was notched into a slope. Because of the intricacies of working on a slope, having a well-planned design was essential for this part of the project. We also incorporated landscape lighting into the design using FX Luminaire lighting fixtures within steps and wall caps as well as up lighting focused on adjacent trees.

Outdoor Living Knoxville 111414 1

West Farragut

For this landscape lighting project, our goal was to highlight the already beautiful landscaping and architecture of this home in Farragut, Tenn. The design included lighting that highlighted the architectural features of the home, showcased specimen plants, added safety with step lighting and dramatized the forest canopy at the back of the property. We used low voltage LED light fixtures from three major manufacturers — Kichler, FX Luminaire (Hunter Industries) and Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. We used 85 fixtures that were divided into three zones so the homeowner can determine how much of the lighting they want use at any one time.

CDG Lighting Design006

East Farragut

For this project in Farragut, Tenn., the homeowner wanted to replace an existing retaining wall that had been poorly constructed. The goal was to add a new wall to make the yard safer and add additional levels to maximize the yard space. This very unique design accomplished both of those goals and included a detail study of existing grading and elevations to make sure the design maximized the available space. The final design also included LED lights from Vista as well as Belgard block and pavers.


West Hills

The homeowners for this project in the West Hills area of Knoxville, Tenn. had just completed a basement renovation so we needed to create an outdoor living space that would connect the new basement with an existing deck and grilling area. We created a large natural stone patio and a fire pit made of Belgard stone. We also added boulders for retention and incorporated sandstone steps to the living space. Because this property also had some drainage issues we corrected those problems by fixing the grading, adding French drains and incorporating a river slick swale to carry water run off. As a special addition, we also added a small flagstone slab bridge across the drainage swale for mower access.


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