Although we work on a lot of large-scale landscape design and construction projects in Knoxville, Tenn. such as patios, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, landscape lighting and others, we also get the occasional opportunity to help clients design small-space landscape designs for balconies and patios.

Recently, we tackled sprucing up our own balcony in downtown Knoxville, and we filmed it so we could walk you through how to plant a pot for your own outdoor space (however small or large it might be!).

Balcony Landscape Design

Watch How We Did It

Plant We Used — Fire Chief Aborvitae

Fire Chief ArborvitaeThis compact evergreen shrub has an amazing color shift, moving from golden foliage that shifts to orange in the summer and red in the fall, giving you year-round interest. Because it’s tolerant of a lot of sun and wind burn, this plant is a great choice for a sunny, exposed patio or balcony and requires very little maintenance.

Plant We Used — John Creech Sedum

John Creech SedumWe also used John Creech Sedum in these pots because it’s a low-growing succulent that needs very little water. It will also tolerate the sun and heat well (perfect for the metal pots that we selected). A big bonus for this particular plant is that it’ll give us a nice pink bloom in the summer, adding just a little more interest in our small space.

Other Great Plants for Small Balcony or Patio Spaces

Gardenia is a fantastic choice for a small potted plant on a balcony or patio because of it’s beautiful and very fragrant flowers. It’s evergreen so it’ll provide year-round greenery and it doesn’t require much attention (only minimal pruning and watering).

Bloodgood Japanese Maples can be grown in a pot and trained on a trellis. Doing so makes it a great choice for a balcony or patio. Over time, the branching of this tree will become quite dense and will provide privacy coverage even during the winter months, and the bold color will provide visual interest in the spring, summer and fall.

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