There is no shortage of landscaping inspiration in Knoxville, Tenn.

In the coming months we’re planning to share with you some of our favorite outdoor spaces — from parks and other public areas to restaurant spaces and more. Along the way, we’ll share tips and ideas for how you can mimic these spaces at home.

First up is truly a favorite of mine. My wife Julie and I frequent the Lawson McGhee Library in downtown Knoxville. Right behind that building there is a gorgeous sunken park located at the corner of Walnut Street and Cumberland Avenue.

knoxville-landscaping-inspiration-part-1What I love most about this space is its well-defined border made up of buildings on two sides and sidewalks on two sides. It’s not hard to feel as though you’re on display in a public area, but the sunken nature of this particular space provides a sense of intimacy and privacy that make it ideal for sitting quietly or reading a book.

The mature canopy trees in this area provide the illusion of a ceiling for the space, and offers enough shade to keep it cool on a hot summer day. The large tress also prevent the surrounding buildings from overpowering the area.

I also love that this space offers tons of built-in seating, and although we rarely have to share this space with others, there would be plenty of room to spread out if a crowd stopped by to hang out.

How to Get the Look at Home

To get this effect with your home’s outdoor spaces, consider a hardscape element that incorporates changes in grade such as a sunken patio or fire pit (or both!).

DSC_0031When you’re selecting plants for a sunken patio area, I recommend choosing plants that will stay small as to avoid overpowering the space.

The park by the library includes plants such as Dense Yew (pictured), Vinca and Nandina. I’d suggest a Plum Yew (it’s lower-growing than the Dense Yew but still very soft to the touch). Plants with sweet smelling blooms are also a great choice for an area like this. You can read about three of our favorite sweet-smelling blooms in this blog post from last month.

If you need help getting this look for your yard fill out our contact form or call us at 865-765-5550 to talk about your plans.

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