It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about spring (although it’s that time of year too). I’m talking about March Madness. We like to call it Mulch Madness around here, though.

There are many choices to consider if you’re thinking about putting down a fresh layer of mulch this spring. Just as each basketball team in the tournament will have its strengths and weaknesses, each type of mulch has its pros and cons.

Hardwood Mulch

This is a popular choice. Hardwood mulch provides a fantastic, clean look. Be sure that your hardwood mulch is coming from a reliable source, though. When it is, you’ll be sure you’re getting the best mulch which comes from the bark of the tree rather than the pulp or wood of the tree. Why does that matter? Termites prefer wood mulch over shredded bark.

Rubber Mulch

This type of mulch has become more popular in recent years. Although it’s viewed as being maintenance free (a good thing for any busy homeowner), there are some downsides which make it our least favorite type of mulch for your home. Rubber mulch absorbs heat which can be detrimental to certain plants. It is also tough to use on any sort of slope as it tends to slide down the fabric that is required underneath. One of the great things about regular wood or pine straw mulch is that it breaks down over time and helps return nutrients to the soil as it decomposes. That’s something you won’t get from rubber mulch. Don’t get me wrong; we love the idea of recycling old tires. It’s just not a great choice for use around plants. If you have a playground area in your yard, that would be a great location to use rubber mulch.

Dyed Mulch

Some companies offer mulches ranging in colors from brown to black and even red (that one makes me cringe!). These types of mulch are typically made from recycled pallets and wasted construction materials. Again, we love the idea of recycling, but in order to perform as needed, these mulches are typically treated with chemicals and dyes.

Pine Straw

A truly renewable resource, pine straw mulch is our favorite. Although it can be messy if the edges aren’t properly rolled to keep the mulch from spilling out of planting beds, pine straw mulch provides a great natural look. It’s also much less physically demand to spread than a hardwood mulch.

We’re happy to help you find the best choice of mulch for your needs or recommend reputable companies to help you with the work. Call us at 865-765-5550 and happy mulching!

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