Spring is in full swing now in Knoxville, Tenn. It’s official. And with spring comes a lot of new and exciting landscape design projects. From landscape lighting and planting projects to outdoor kitchens and outdoor living areas, we’re working on some awesome designs.

Here are just a few of the cool projects we’re working on right now:

Reclaimed Wood Planter Boxes


We designed this reclaimed wood planter box for a downtown Knoxville condo balcony. The goal was to create something that would help block the afternoon sun that heats up the condo in the summer months. We also wanted to use materials that would compliment the customer’s interior design style and contrast with the modern, urban look of the building’s exterior. By using reclaimed wood, we softened the outdoor space, which is made up of mostly metal and glass materials. We also made the planter box movable by putting it on casters so the homeowner can rearrange the space as needed based on the time of year and direction of the sun.

Outdoor Kitchen With Functional Storage


This outdoor kitchen is for a customer in Knoxville. They started their project thinking about some of the awesome outdoor appliances that are available now. With that in mind, we incorporated as many cool appliances as we could, a Kamodo Smoker and a high-end grill as well as a side burner and outdoor fridge. We also extended the roof line of the house to help incorporate the new space into the existing structure. One of the simplest yet most functional things we added to this design was a bench seat with interior storage for supplies and patio furniture cushions.

To check out some of our favorite projects from 2014, check out this blog post: “Best Knoxville Landscape Designs of 2014.” And to start your own outdoor kitchen, outdoor living, landscape lighting or other landscape design project in the Knoxville area, fill out our contact form or call 865-765-5550.