Phlox is a spreading perennial that will treat its owner to a burst of color in spring and early summer. It does well in full sun to partial shade, and will look fantastic planted in a space that will allow it to creep over a rock wall or retaining wall ledge. Phlox packs a high-impact punch when paired with a bed of bulbs that will reinforce its blast of color.

plant-for-knoxville-landscaping-phlox-carex-design-groupPhlox also pairs well with low-growing plants such as Abeila, Spirea or Weigela, and we suggest you avoid planting it near anything too big that would over power its short stature.

Candy Stripe Phlox

Candy Stripe Phlox

One of our favorite varieties at Carex Design Group is Candy Stripe Phlox, which gets its name from pink and white striped blooms. With Phlox, though, there’s a seemingly endless variety of colors from which to choose.

For historic homes, Phlox (of any color!) is a natural choice because it’s a classic plant along with other such plants as Lilac, Rose of Sharon or Forsythia.

To learn more about other springtime bloomers, check out this blog post on Cherry Trees or learn about Forsythia in this blog post.

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