During a recent seminar series I attended focused on exploring new applications for cool landscaping products such as permeable pavers and wall block, “modern” was the word of the weekend.

Modern landscaping pavers boast classically clean lines and bold architecture.

These are some of my favorite modern pavers for your next patio, pool deck, driveway or walkway project in or around Knoxville, Tenn.:

Catalina Grana Pavers

Belgard Catalina PaverThe Catalina Grana Paver has a smooth top with a sharp chamfered or sloped edge. This series includes modular patterns and colors to complement most other products from Belgard. You can create some dynamite contrast (adding another nod to the modern) when you pair this smooth paver with a more textured variety such as Belgard’s Lafit or Urbana pavers, which both mimic the rustic nature of natural stone.

Melville Plank

Belgard Melville PlankThis plank-style paver gets my two thumbs up because of its extreme linear shape. It’s also quite versatile with its varied width options that allow us to mix and match in our designs. The one downside could be the minimal color choices, but if you give in to the modern urge, you should go big, bold and dramatic without a lot of color variation. There’s also a curb option with this product family that is wonderful to use as a transition between planting and paver areas.

Angilina Plank Paver

Belgard Angilina PaverIf I’ve not yet sold you on the modern aesthetic, the Angilina Plank Paver may be a great option for you. While it maintains the modern motif of the other paver products I’ve mentioned with its large scale and linear shape, what it has that the others don’t is an incredible texture that hearkens back to more traditional paver products. It’s also a versatile option (like the Melville line) because it’s available in a variety of widths. This is a fantastic choice if you’re planning to pair your pavers with natural stone.

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(Thanks to Belgard for the beautiful product photos in our post!)