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Landscape Design ServicesLa Loma Club de Golf
Type Golf Course Landscape Design

La Loma Club de Golf is a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. During his time at the landscape design division of Nicklaus Design, Bob Graves, now owner of Carex Design Group, was the lead designer for the landscape design elements throughout the golf course.

The La Loma property featured two distinct landscaping zones — a lush, vegetated wetland and a dry, high desert climate. In this plant-lover’s paradise, Bob worked with local staff to create the feel of a botanic garden near the clubhouse and high-visibility areas to showcase the climate diversity. He also worked with local landscaping crews to determine what plants were readily available, what could be propagated on site and what else had to be found. In one area of the course, Bob incorporated century plants (5-foot tall agave), saving them from being removed and clearing the surrounding landscaping to make them a focal point of the design.