Carex Design Group is thrilled to offer clients a wide range of services to fit within most budgets. Check out our capabilities:



When selecting plants, we’ll help you consider seasonal changes, longevity, current and eventual size, the level of required maintenance and how the plant contributes to the overall aesthetic. Contact us to discuss your next planting project.


Patios, retaining walls, fire pits, walkways and driveways as well as outdoor kitchen and living spaces and pool decks, swimming pools and hot tubs are all hardscape projects. When thinking about hardscapes, consider the type of materials to be used  natural stone, poured concrete, pavers, block or others. Keep in mind that hardscapes are construction-heavy projects that can take anywhere from one week to several months to complete but that they can be installed year round. Contact us to discuss your next hardscape project.

Natural Stone

Using natural stone is environmentally responsible compared to other stone choices since the materials typically come from sources near East Tennessee. Natural stone blends well with other natural elements and provides an aged appearance to newly installed landscapes. Natural stone includes flagstone, boulders, river rock and gravel. You can choose these materials for patios, retaining walls, walkways, water features or fire pits as well as for veneers on your home’s foundation or outdoor kitchen and living spaces. Contact us to discuss your next natural stone project.


We use landscape lighting to accent plant material or accentuate your home’s architecture. Lighting can help you move safely around property at night and provides added security for your family. It is a cost-effective, high-value addition to any project. When considering lighting options, keep in mind that the quality of the finished product will be at its best when thoughtfully designed by a professional. Contact us to discuss your next lighting project.

Water Features

Water features vary in scope from a bird bath or natural stone bubbler fountain to large splash pads built into a patio or driveway. Water features can provide recreation and relaxation for you and your family or respite for birds and other wildlife. Keep in mind that some water features require a great deal of maintenance so be sure to speak with a professional before having one installed. Contact us to discuss your next water feature.


A well designed irrigation system can save you time and money. Irrigation systems are often easy to maintain and help keep your yard looking fresh, even during the driest months of the year. Keep in mind that having a design plan will help you make the most of the water being used at your home. Contact us to discuss your irrigation needs.

“The construction phase of the project was well-planned and executed exactly as described. The contractor and all personnel were professional, worked cleanly and were incredibly attentive to detail. The end result was an amazing transformation, exactly as designed and exactly as estimated. ”

Eric Eric Maryville