In April 2014, we took a spin around a few of the Dogwood Arts Festival’s driving trails in Knoxville, Tenn. and found some inspiring landscapes that made us stop and admire. Here’s a few of our favorites and why we think so they’re so great.

So Fresh and So Clean

green-lawn-yellow-annuals-landscape-knoxvilleThis is a simple landscape design but because it’s well maintained it still provides a great deal of visual interest. Monochromatic yellow annuals really pop on this mostly green landscape.

Opposites Attract

juniper-crape-myrtle-lanscape-knoxvilleThis combination of the rough texture and green color of the Juniper contrasts well with the smooth, coral-colored bark of this mature Crape Myrtle.

Not So Rough Around the Edges

phlox-knoxville-landscapeThe Phlox planted here is well-chosen both for its beautiful and vibrant spring color and for its location. Phlox is great draped over natural stone and can help soften most any hardscape feature in your landscaping.

It May Grow on You

spring-bulbs-house-vine-knoxvilleThis property caught our attention because of the Ivy growing up the sides of the house. With proper maintenance, Ivy (or some other vines) can be a great way to merge the surrounding landscaping with the physical structure of your home.


spring-bulbs-knoxvilleThis one is pretty self-explanatory but I never tire of seeing spring bulbs in bursts of color like this. I especially love using one color or type of bulb clumped together in a single area (although my wife prefers mixing colors). Either option provides wonderful spring color.

Tunnel Vision

tree-lined-street-knoxvilleThese trees create an impressive tunnel for people driving through this neighborhood. It’s a good reminder that your landscaping choices impact your neighbors and those who visit your neighborhood. If just one of the homeowners on this street were to cut down any of their trees, this beautiful effect would be lost.

If you need help increasing the curb appeal of your home, take some of these ideas into consideration. If you need help implementing any of these into your landscape, we can help. Visit our Services section to learn more.