If you’re like me, you’ve got pools on your mind during these hot summer days! But as a landscape architect, I’m often thinking more about designing and building them than swimming in them.

Whether your starting from scratch to build your new pool or fixing an existing space that isn’t functional, here are my tips to help you make a splash at your next backyard pool party.

Fix Limited Pool Deck Space

A pool can be ruined by a pool deck that’s not functional. That’s what was happening for one of our clients in the Powell, Tenn. just north of Knoxville, Tenn. They had an existing pool but only a four-foot walkway around it, which didn’t leave much outdoor living room for them to spread out and enjoy their pool. To remedy the problem, we designed and supervised the construction of a 10-foot retaining wall to add space for a pavilion, fireplace and patio. Because they had an existing concrete pool deck, we did a paver pool deck overlay with new coping surrounding the pool.

Paver Pool Deck

Get Rid of Messy Plants Too Close to the Pool

For this backyard makeover, part of what we did for this was customer was remodel the existing paver pool deck and redesign the surrounding plantings. Both were efforts to reduce maintenance and plant debris, which was constantly getting in the pool. By extending the pool deck so it was connected to the house via a large patio area, we also helped the kids in this family reduce the amount of grass and other yard debris that they were tracking into the house with wet feet.

Paver Pool Deck

Add Some Fun to a Boring Backyard

Although sometimes we design spaces around existing pools, for this project in the Halls area of Knoxville, we designed and managed the construction of all the landscaping elements. We took this space from a basic boring backyard to a hot party spot for the client’s family and friends. In addition to the pool, we added whimsical deck jets for a little fun and beauty (and to drown out neighborhood noise). We also included a pool slide for the client’s grandchildren (and the adults, too!). We made the pool deck large enough to spread out and included planting beds around it to soften the look a bit. In addition, we designed a pavilion area to serve as the hub of their pool parties with a wooden bar and room for a grill.

Paver Pool Deck With Deck Jets


Picture it Before You Buy With 3-D Pool Deck Designs

It’s often hard to imagine what your pool space is going to look like and envision how the pool with compliment other elements in your landscaping. To help our clients do just that, we like to design pools and other outdoor living areas in 3-D. Here’s one of our recent pool projects that includes a paver overlay and pavilion.

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