When two dimensions don’t paint the picture for our landscape design clients in the Knoxville area, we turn to 3-dimensional landscape design plans.

3-D Pergola

Here’s why I love designing projects in 3-D:

Crystal Clear Understanding

That axiom of a picture being worth a thousand words certainly rings true in this case. As a landscape architect, I’m practiced at seeing something in nothing, and although it can be easy for me to see the vision of a beautiful outdoor kitchen when I’m staring at a dusty, weed-ridden backyard, I know it’s not always easy for our clients to see the same. When I design in 3-D, there’s no question what the end result will look like. The message is clear.

3-D Landscape Design Plan

Thinking It Through

For anyone who’s tried to build something with Legos or an Erector Set, you know you have to think things through, and often what you thought would work to achieve your goal doesn’t. It’s the same with designing landscaping.

Whether I’m creating in 2-D or 3-D landscape design plan, I always take time to think through the layout of a design to ensure all the elements come together correctly. Designing in 3-dimensions is incredibly helpful when we’re building vertical elements such as retaining walls, pergolas, kitchens, fireplaces, water features and more.

When I have to first build it in our 3-D modeling program before putting it on the ground, I get the chance to try new things, be creative and put my ideas to the test.

It’s Super Fun

Who doesn’t love playing computer games? That’s what it’s like designing in 3-D modeling software. I can not only ensure my designs are feasible, but I can also add some style (and fun!) by incorporating realistic elements that help our clients envision themselves in the space.

Do you have a dog who’s always sprawled on the patio? I can add it to your design. Is your neighbor always hanging out while you’re flipping burgers on the grill? I can add you, your neighbor and the burgers to the design. Do you love a glass a wine outside in the evenings? I can put a glass in your hand (only the finest, for sure). Then I can bring the moon out to show you how your low-voltage landscape lighting will look while you sip your drink.

3-D Landscape Design Plan

Now, who wouldn’t want to play with 3-D designs for a living?

How to Get It

3-D landscape designs are quickly becoming the norm. Of our work this year, we’ve delivered designs in a 3-D format 50 percent of the time. Check out more of our 3-D work on YouTube and Houzz (the Pinterest for home improvement).

3-D PergolaWhen you’re ready to get the picture of what your new outdoor space can look like, fill out our contact form or call me at 865-765-5550 to schedule a free consultation. To learn about all the types of landscape designs we offer, check out our post on “Hand Drawn, Digital and 3-D Landscape Design Plans in Knoxville.”