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Landscape Design ServicesHillside Lawn Care
Type Landscape Design for Contractors
A Growing Business:

“It’s one thing to be good at putting plants in the ground and mulching, but it’s another thing to sell a job, to look professional, to sound professional, and to know the talk. With Carex Design Group, we can do that.”

When we first started working with them, Hillside Lawn Care’s business focused mainly on landscaping maintenance with some smaller landscaping installation projects here and there.

The company’s owner, Tim Haynes, wanted to be more intentional about expanding the scale of his installation business, but he lacked knowledge and experience in landscape design, and wasn’t yet at a point where it made financial sense to hire a landscape designer. That’s where Carex Design Group came in.

“I’m putting more money into my equipment, my trucks and employees right now, trying to build that up,” said Hillside Lawn Care’s owner Tim Haynes. “By working with Bob at Carex Design Group, I don’t have to worry about image and professionalism because he brings that to our jobs, and I think that’s an awesome part of what he does.”

Flexible Partnership

Carex Design Group provides landscape design services to Hillside Lawn Care in several ways:

Design and Client Relations
Haynes will enlist our help to meet with his clients on his behalf. We work with his customers through the design process before passing the project back to Hillside for installation.

“Knowing that I can join up with Carex Design Group and then introduce my clients to Bob just adds to the professionalism of my company,” said Haynes. “It helps my clients feel like they made a good choice choosing me as their installer. I trust Carex Design Group more with my clients than I trust myself, just to be honest.”

Design and Construction Assistance
In other cases, Carex Design Group’s owner and landscape architect Bob Graves will meet with Haynes and his clients to work jointly throughout the entire process of design. Oftentimes, we also consult with Haynes to estimate construction costs and assist by providing guidance on construction.

“I think working with Carex Design Group in that way saves me hours and hours of time,” said Haynes. “A construction estimate takes a lot of time for me, but Carex Design Group has a system that you just plug in the numbers. I don’t have that so I have to call around to get prices and it takes two to three days to get the numbers. Carex Design Group probably saves me on average about 16 hours on the front end doing what they do.”

Haynes also said that the help Carex Design Group provides with construction estimating is helpful because it confirms for him that he’ll eventually make money on the job.

Design Only
Lastly, for some projects, Haynes will provide us with basic parameters, photos, customer comments and measurements, and we’ll design the landscaping without ever having met the client personally.

“I pay Carex Design group 350-500 bucks for a design and my clients are like ‘Wow these guys really know what they’re talking about.'” said Haynes. “I believe I save so much money just by calling Carex Design Group when I need a plan, not to mention how they bring work to me through their clients.

Carex Design Group Preferred Contractor

In addition to providing landscape design services and other assistance to Hillside Lawn Care, we also turn to Haynes and his team when we have small-to-mid-sized landscaping installation projects. Because we don’t have our own construction team, we rely on solid partnerships with companies such as Hillside Lawn Care and others to help our clients get from a design to the finished product.

Contact Us

To learn more about the services we provide to Hillside Lawn Care and other landscaping and home construction contractors, email Bob or fill out our online form to set up a meeting.