Too busy selling and building beautiful outdoor spaces to find time to design? We can help.

Here’s How We Help

Carex Design Group can be like you’re in-house landscape design team, providing you with comprehensive landscape design plans for your clients. We can create planting plans, landscape lighting plans, and plans for paver or natural stone patios and other hardscapes as well as plans for irrigation, water features and more. You can get those plans as:

  • Full-color, hand-drawn conceptual designs to wow your clients and help sell the project;
  • 3-D renderings, including static images, 360-degree images or animated fly-throughs to help your clients see what’s in store; and
  • Construction documents with all landscape, hardscape, lighting, drainage and irrigation drawings to help you estimate your costs and build the project.

Take a look at the various types of plans we can create for you.

“Knowing that I can join up with Carex Design Group and then introduce my clients to Bob just adds to the professionalism of my company.”

Tim Haynes Tim Haynes Hillside Lawn Care

When You Bring the Lead

When you get a lead, contact Carex Design Group Owner and Landscape Architect Bob Graves. Here’s what can happen next:

  • We can meet with the client for you, you can do that yourself, or we can team up to get the details about what the project entails.
  • Then, we can create a design only, or provide you with a design and construction estimate.
  • You can review all the material and provide changes, or just give us your approval.
  • You’ll get the final design and construction documents and start building!
When We Bring the Lead

When we have a client with one of our designs in hand, we’ll give you a call to partner on the landscape construction. Here’s what can happen:

  • We can provide you with only the design documents, or we may include construction documents and a preliminary estimate along with the design, when available.
  • You can review the provided material and decide if it’s a job on which you want to bid.
  • We’ll help our clients decide on next steps, and if they select your bid, we’ll manage the project construction through to completion.
Learn More …

We work with some of the biggest and smallest landscaping contractors and home builders throughout East Tennessee (and beyond!). Check out some of our collaborations here, here and here.

Email Bob, fill out our contact form or call us at 865-765-5550 to schedule a sit-down to talk about how we can make your work life a little easier.