We’ve been on top of the world lately at Carex Design Group as we worked on a mountain-top masterplan landscape design project in Sevierville, Tenn. In addition to the 64 LED landscape lighting fixtures, two natural stone water features and one flagstone patio, this project was the first in which we incorporate the new Belgard Tandem retaining wall system.

We used the new system to design and build two walls — one that leveled a section of the property for an outdoor living area and one that will control an erosion problem next to a driveway.

retaining wall with mountain view

Belgard Tandem Retaining Wall System

belgard tandem retaining wallThe new Belgard Tandem retaining wall system changes the mindset that retaining wall blocks have to be big, heavy (and often unattractive) blocks. Instead the Tandem wall uses hollow-core blocks that are filled with gravel to provide the weight and integrity the wall needs, but enables Belgard to manufacture the smaller block “faces” in the same manner that they do traditional pavers, allowing for a much more detailed texture than traditional retaining wall block.

The detailed chiseled-stone texture alone is reason enough to use the Tandem wall, but when you combine the awesome look of this product with its hollow core, which makes running lighting wire and installing landscape lighting fixtures much easier, using this product a no-brainer both from a design and construction perspective.

Check out how our friends at The Lawn Butler installed the Tandem wall system at our mountain-top project:

The Tandem wall is also versatile. Because it has front and back finished faces, we can not only use this product at a retaining wall, but we can also incorporate into designs for free-standing landscape walls in courtyards, gardens, patios and other places where both sides of the wall would be visible.

Why Belgard Products?

In general, we frequently use Belgard products because they offer a diverse selection of colors, textures and sizes that help get our creative juices flowing. We also appreciate Belgard’s commitment to providing education for landscape contractors and landscape architects and designers. Each year, we make it a point to attend Belgard University — a multi-day training course at which we learn all about their new products, review installation and design techniques and get tips on good business practices.

Need Help?

If you need a traditional retaining wall, or want to find out if the new Belgard Tandem wall system is right for your landscaping project, fill out our contact form or call 865-765-5550 to schedule a free consultation.