If you’ve ever seen our landscape designs, you know that at Carex Design Group we love hydrangeas. Who doesn’t really? There’s so much to enjoy — big blooms, great color variety, multi-season interest, awesome textured foliage … the list goes on. Here are some of our favorites and why we love them so much …

Munchkin Oakleaf Hydrangea

Like most hydrangeas, these do well in partial sun and shade. You’ll need to water this plant when the soil is dry and fertilize it regularly in the spring and summer for the best blooms. You can prepare it for its growing season by pruning it in the late winter or early spring.
It’ll grow to about 3 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide.

Endless Summer Hydrangea

This variety is great because just as its name indicates, it has a long blooming season. The plant is very susceptible to changes in soil nutrients so you can get a variety of different bloom colors from a single plant. The colors will change based on soil acidity and mineral content. With soil that has a pH of about 5.2, you’ll get more blue blooms. For pink blooms, you’ll need more alkaline soil with a pH of about 6.0.


Tree-Form Lime Light Hydrangea

We’ve always loved the gorgeous color of Lime Light Hydrangeas. What could make this plant even better? Lift it up in a tree form.

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