Although we’re lucky in the Knoxville area that we have somewhat mild winters (says the guy from Indiana!), the cold weather and occasional snow can still leave your landscaping looking drab. To avoid getting the winter blues from your yard, consider these options for adding winter interest to your landscaping:

Winter-Interest Plants

First, I shared in this blog post some of my favorite plants (including ones with winter blooms!) for adding some pop and color to your lifeless winter landscaping.

Angelina Sedum

Light Up the Dark Winter Night

The winter nights get long, but the bright side is that you can use landscape lighting to add interest (and visual warmth) to your home, structures such as pergolas and pavilions, and even plants. Some of my favorite winter-interest plants that really pack a punch when highlighted by low voltage lighting includ Coralbark (Sango Kaku Japanese) Maple, Contorted Filbert and various ornamental grasses.

Landscape Lighting

Warm Up Your Winter Landscaping

Fire features are becoming very popular in the Knoxville area, and with good reason. They can create a cozy atmosphere and add some functional fun for cooking meals and roasting marshmallows.

Fire Pit

Beyond the traditional fireplace and fire pit (which are great options), I recently designed a space in Louisville, Tenn. in which I incorporated a gas fire pit, fire-and-water bowls and fire bowls.

Fire and Water Bowls

Standing Strong Against the Winter Wind

Outdoor architecture elements such as pavilions and pergolas are often the forgotten feature in an outdoor space. When the plants go dormant, these structures can stand strong and provide a focal point.