Although Bob couldn’t tag along with me on my travels this time, I was excited to mark another state off my list of must-see destinations last spring with a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. While there, I couldn’t help but enjoy the beautiful scenery. I also found some wonderful outdoor inspiration; I hope it inspires you to create an amazing outdoor space that will make you feel like you’re on vacation, too! Here’s what I saw:

Powerful Punches of Color

Although Bob prefers a giant clump of a single, powerful color (as he shared in this post about the bulb planting we saw on the Dogwood Arts Festival driving trail), I love the interest that comes with a burst of many colors. The entrance to Temple Square did not disappoint in that department. (Bob even said he may have to side with me on this one!)

Bulb PlantingThe best way to get this look at home is to choose a large area for maximum impact. What makes this scene so impactful is that its colors are set off by a solid swath of green on either side for big contrast. To get the look, you can’t be afraid to create a planting bed in the middle of your yard. (For the less daring, an area near your foundation that’s set off by shrubs in the background would do the trick, too!); When you’re ready to plant your bulbs (and now is the perfect time), buy a variety of types, colors, heights and blooming schedules. Then, mix ‘em up and throw ‘em out, planting each where they land. You won’t regret it. In spring, the space will be bursting with color. In the summer and fall, you can use the area for striking annuals.

Decorative Iron Gates at the Temple Square

In addition to the beautiful Salt Lake Temple, which is truly a magnificent site, the building is surrounded by a beautiful iron fence with intricate details that set off each post and spindle.

Iron FenceIron fencing like this is quite expensive so most homeowners opt for more affordable options such as aluminium or wood. To get this look without breaking the bank, considering using decorative iron for the entry gate set off by brick columns and a more affordable aluminium or other fencing material for the the rest of the yard. You could also opt for a partial fence by building a block or brick at half the height and top it off with an iron fence.

Formal Garden

Surrounding the Salt Lake Temple, there are countless gardens that entertain visitors from all over the world. One of my favorites was a formal parterre garden between Assembly Hall and the Salt Lake Tabernacle.

Parterre GardenThis is a classic French design. It’s a wonderful way to organize plants and provide structure for a garden (if you’re Type A, I’m sure you’re loving it!). Many perennials and annuals are very leggy and somewhat unattractive. The evergreen plants in a parterre garden contain the bit of ugliness and show off only the best parts of the flowers. Beware, though; precision maintenance is required for parterre gardens. You’ll need to invest in a pair of electric sheers to get the job done. Plant selection is also important. Opt for shrubs with small leaves and fine foliage such as Boxwoods, Hollies or Junipers, among others. To catch a glimpse of this look in Knoxville, your best bet will be to stroll through Sequoyah Hills or take a quick trip to Asheville to see the Biltmore.

A Place to Park It

I did a lot of walking in Salt Lake City. After all, there was so much to see! In the downtown area, I was delighted to find this bench to take a rest. Although, it’s no ordinary bench, which is what I love about it. The simplicity of a single metal structure with the whimsical movement made this an artistic way to take a rest.

Metal BenchThis is a great example of art mixed into your landscaping. The idea to consider for your own landscaping is to take something common (a bench, a rock, etc.) and turn it into something unexpected. You could build a pergola out of an uncommon material or turn that rock into a fountain. Bob shared one example in this blog post about a client who asked us to incorporate an iron art piece in the patio. We’ve also had a client who wanted a rock in the shape of the Star Trek logo added to their backyard landscaping. Your imagination (and Bob’s!) is the limit.

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